The Endless World : Book ONE

The Cave and the Houseboat

The Endless World has many shadows…

In the dull rhythm of a regretful life, ex-convict Devin Mace suddenly finds himself held captive aboard the Houseboat. His captor—an escaped murderer—pulls him into a chilling conspiracy that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. When all hope for survival is lost, Devin uncovers an unexpected ally: the killer herself.

Worlds away, teenager Mayli Harker attends school in the depths of the Cave. Curious, defiant, and scarred deep within her soul, she draws trouble as the moon pulls the tide. When an insignificant rivalry with Seth—Devin’s brother—spirals out of control, lethal secrets emerge. Mayli won’t give up the fight, even as her life hangs in the balance.

The Cave and the Houseboat is a riveting blend of urban fantasy and science fiction. Our unconventional heroes tread unique paths, unraveling the divine and tragic ties that bind two families across the Endless World. Embark on a genre-bending adventure and immerse yourself in this captivating saga.